The Collection of Performance Histories

Since people always have less experience as individuals than as a group, TDA started to collect confidential performance histories from participants in productivity improvement projects in 1980. 

This information was collected by probing for answers along all the dimensions that were found to affect performance in previous scientific studies.  When such information was shared and acted upon, productivity improvement potential increased even more dramatically.

More than a million years of performance experience have been collected, coded, entered into computers, and analyzed.  The patterns are now beginning to emerge.  For example, we are now beginning to understand what the greatest obstacles to performance improvement are in different organizations, and how the obstacles can be overcome.

All of this work has taught us that:

  • The person who does the job knows best how it can be improved.
  • Involving all employees, key customers, and other external stakeholders provides the greatest incentive for change.
  • When peoples’ thoughts and ideas are gathered in confidence, and then shared and worked on by all, client satisfaction and productivity improvement can be accomplished both quickly and permanently.