George Kumpf,

The improvement in productivity was truly remarkable. Not only could we compete, we could flourish.  In time, the process was taken in-house, and other improvement activities took place over a wide front of issues. 

Safety, product development, innovation, business organization, and improved customer service are some of the issues that were undertaken and were vastly improved using the Tor Dahl Process in the months and years that followed. 

- George Kumpf, Technical Services Manager, ICI Americas

Marilyn Chiang, Bell Labs

AT&T had provided a service assurance at the start of the project at a level of 30 minutes. Now they were able to offer service at 5 minutes. Three months after the Tor Dahl & Associates’ boot camp, the service assurance level was two and one half minutes, 

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Craig Blair, Northern States Power Company

...Tor Dahl & Associates helped the NSP Electric Utility management team realize a significant productivity improvement potential in time, money and people.

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Starbucks seminar participant

I feel excited to act in a different way.  This was not so much about giving me new glasses, but about giving me new eyes. 

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