Cameron Strong, Regence Blue Shield (WA)

We brought Tor in and he shared with us his research on "principles of high performance.”  He and his staff then led us through their unique "Log Jam" process.  Within three months, we were able to effectively launch a new type of "engagement" with our staff. 

In the following four months, we achieved huge turnarounds in productivity improvements, as well as a big boost in morale. Within a year, we moved from the low 80's in our NMIS scores to the upper 90's, and also reduced costs along the way. 

- Cameron Strong, Formerly Vice President of Member Services, Regence Blue Shield (WA)

Marilyn Chiang, Bell Labs

AT&T had provided a service assurance at the start of the project at a level of 30 minutes. Now they were able to offer service at 5 minutes. Three months after the Tor Dahl & Associates’ boot camp, the service assurance level was two and one half minutes, 

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Craig Blair, Northern States Power Company

...Tor Dahl & Associates helped the NSP Electric Utility management team realize a significant productivity improvement potential in time, money and people.

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Starbucks seminar participant

I feel excited to act in a different way.  This was not so much about giving me new glasses, but about giving me new eyes. 

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