Tor Dahl & Associates offers workshops for large or small groups. Materials and pre-workshop reading assignments will be distributed at least a week in advance. Sessions will start early both days and run late the first evening.

TDA 1½-Day Performance Improvement Workshop - Pricing includes materials and varies with group size; Please request quote

This advanced workshop is an in-depth look at the keys to successful implementation of dramatic performance improvement.  In it, we share the findings of Tor Dahl’s 35 years of research and 400 performance improvement projects.   During the course of the sessions, you will learn and be able to demonstrate the concepts of leadership and followership, motivation and energy creation.  You will also have the opportunity to begin to diagnose and work on your own organizational “logjam.”  If your team is already focused on performance improvement, this is an excellent tool to use to speed their success.

Please contact us at or 651-429-3112 to request a quote.