Speaking Engagements

Tor Dahl designs his presentations as calls to action, challenging executives to pursue dramatic breakthroughs in performance.  

These improvements clearly are possible, and the competitive environment accentuated by our global economy demands it.  Actionable insights on how to proceed are a part of every speaking engagement.  All presentations require at least ninety minutes. Please contact us at info@tordahl.com or 651-429-3112 to learn more and schedule a speaking engagement.

Some Suggested Presentations:

  • The Performance Revolution Speech
  • Beyond Quality: The Performance Revolution
  • The Theory of Productivity
  • Delighting Customers
  • The Emotions of Change: The Key to Motivation
  • Breakthrough Leadership: 20-Times-More Productive Leaders
  • Freeing and Redeploying Resources: 92% Improvement — How?
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Cutting-Edge Performance: The Strategy of Choice
  • Extreme Leadership
  • Extreme Productivity
  • First, Do No Harm
  • Going to Extremes: Creating an Architecture for High Performance in Any Organization
  • High Performance Leadership
  • Is Productivity a Four-Letter Word in the Health Sector?
  • Join the Productivity Revolution
  • Leadership Beyond Six Sigma: New Strategies for Enterprise Peak Performance
  • The Emotion of Change: Motivation one more time
  • The Productivity Revolution is Here:  Now What?
  • The Psycho-Social Architecture of High Performance: Leadership & Followership
  • Others upon request: We customize topics to fit the specific needs of your organization and event.