Performance Improvement Projects

Based on decades of research, the TDA performance principles are the core findings of high performance and have been proven to work in all environments.

TDA has extensive experience with performance improvement projects in a wide range of performance areas and industries, such as the health sector, manufacturing, education, union environments, service industries, heavy maintenance and the public sector.  Previous projects have solved issues of safety, customer satisfaction, paper reduction, processing speeds, capacity enhancement, profits, and staff satisfaction.

The TDA Organizational High Performance Transformation Process - Pricing varies with team configuration; Please request quote

TDA works intensely with your entire organization to transform the organization into a high performance culture.  Dramatic improvements in financials, staff satisfaction and customer satisfaction always result.  TDA completes the assessment and plan and continues to implement with the client over 18 months to ensure that results are achieved.  Typical returns on investment in the TDA process are ten to one and higher.

TDA High Performance Team Certification - Pricing varies with team configuration; Please request quote

Comprehensive training and transfer of TDA performance technology to the client organization.  This allows the client to internalize the TDA technology by forming an internal High Performance Team certified in all steps of the high performance process.  This High Performance Team then leads the change process to create dramatic improvements in performance throughout the organization.

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