The Poetry of Productivity

© Tor Dahl & Associates (Photo by L.W. Hazlett)

Nothing comes from nothing. 

Look in the mirror 

And work to achieve some fraction of such excellence. 

- Joe Stenzel -


Their hands are busy... 

their hearts join their work with joy; 

the world grows better 

- Joel Barker -


Encouraged, the workers found engagement 

Engaged, the workers found enthusiasm

Enthused, the workers found energy

Energized, the workers found enlightenment

© Tor Dahl & Associates (Photo by L.W. Hazlett)

Enlightened, the workers found economies

Economized, the workers found encouragement

Encouraged, the cycle was accelerated

- Jim Rice - 


Weary of six sigma approaches 

Discouraged and disgruntled workers 

Embrace real productivity-enhancing tools 

- Geoff Kaufmann -



Moving obstacles away

Streaming to sea home

- L.W. Hazlett -



Has its own poetry . . .

Simply symphonic

- Maureen Schriner -


Scientists are just discovering 

the truth we have known for years

that when the left brain 

and the right brain 


© Tor Dahl & Associates (Photo by L.W. Hazlett)

you remove all roadblocks 

along the superhighway 

clear back 

to the pit of the amygdala

shift into high gear 





 - Anonymous Contributor -


Without heart and mind, the work is drudgery

With heart, the work happily goes astray.

With mind, the work is awash in planning and thinking

With heart and mind, the work is a source of fulfillment for all

- Stevan Eikevik -


© Tor Dahl & Associates (Photo by L.W. Hazlett)

My father abhorred waste 

The 30ies were a stern teacher 


I turn off lights where I am not 

He would have been proud 

I'm his shadow. 

 - Tor Dahl -


Productivity is not the trumpet being blown

it is the music that flows from its bell.

- Terri O'Connell -


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