How to Achieve Monopoly Advantage

To allocate the freed resources productively, one must know where the resources should be used to create the greatest output.  Productive functioning is meaningful only insofar as it brings one closer to a specific goal of maximizing the return from resource use. 

The highest returns exist where the organization can create monopoly advantages (that which no one else has) and satisfy clients.  Goal setting thus becomes a necessary component of the performance improvement process.  Goals that will yield the highest returns can only be of two kinds:

  • Goals toward which one is already working
  • New goals

Goals can, of course, be:

  • Long-Term (strategic)
  • Medium-Term (tactical, value-added)
  • Short-Term (survival, urgent and important)

The long-term goals define the mileposts of accomplishments, and provide the overall direction and purpose for a person or an organization. The medium-term goals reflect the maximal value-added that an individual or organization can offer.  The short-term goals are the urgent and important priorities that are necessary for immediate functioning or survival.