Predictable Election?

by Tor Dahl

Predictable election?

A headline in Norway this morning: Trump: The Unpredictable Ruler.

I beg to differ. Trump represents the leadership style that is the most predictable of the four, basic leadership styles. Trump is a Bully.

The way a Bully leads, is by fear. Here are the leadership principles of Bullies:

1. Alienate, isolate, use violence and intimidation

2. Stereotype and rank people, supervise closely, maintain rigid roles and responsibility, micromanage

3. Excessive layers of management and bureaucracy

Withhold necessary resources (funding, training, tools)

5. Change direction frequency, set restrictive, unnecessary or inconsistent guidelines and rules

6. Issue orders, disallow choices and input

7. Withhold rewards and praise, punish, criticize, ridicule

8. Communicate in a manipulative manner, withhold information or make people wait for necessary information

9. Set artificial or unrealistic deadlines, change deadlines frequently

10. Consistently assign tasks below or above a person's capability.

Compared to the other 3 management styles (Charismatic, Monastic, and Bureaucratic) the Bully style maximizes negative stress, that in turn will lead to a shorter life expectancy. It will also alienate customers, suppliers, staff and employees.

Followers of Bully Leaders are referred to as Frustrated Followers. They may belong to one or more different classes:

1 The Anguished Follower (Troubled, distressed, upset,tense)

2 The Humiliated Follower (Embarrassed,shamed, guilty, 


3 The Frightened Follower (Terrified,fearful,startled)

4 The Paralyzed Follower (Helpless,insecure,defeated,shy, confused)

The followers of Bully Leaders mirror the feelings listed above. The stress of their work shortens their life expectancy. The followers of Bullies succumb to negative controls, including micromanagement, lack of support or cooperation, unclear and inconsistent direction, having unrealistic deadlines, and they are not granted the responsibility and authority needed to complete their daily tasks.

The results will be unachieved goals and tasks, and emotions that come together in a way that engender insecurity, helplessness, and a sense of defeat.

A Bully Leader is the poorest and most ineffective way to lead. If the Bully leader converts to a Charismatic or Monastic style, he/she will be twenty times more productive, and so will his/her followers. All will be healthier, more satisfied and less stressed as well.