Tor Dahl, Founder, Chairman and CEO

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Tor Dahl, Founder, Chairman and CEO

Tor Dahl is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Tor Dahl & Associates. He is an economist, consultant, and associate professor at the University of Minnesota.

Tor has written extensively in professional journals, served as a consultant to a number of foreign governments and U.S. corporations, states, governmental departments, and universities. He coordinated and edited the Proceedings from the White House Conference on the Vinland National Center, and chaired international conferences on lifestyle and health.  He is Chairman Emeritus of the World Confederation of Productivity Science, founder of the World Academy of Productivity Science and has served on a number of national and state councils and task forces.  He served as the Governor’s Representative on the Minnesota Coalition on Health Care Costs, and on the blue ribbon task force on State Health Priorities.

A Fulbright Scholar in Economics, Tor has published works on economics, management, health, productivity, and behavioral change.  He was educated at the Norwegian University School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen, Norway, and at the University of Minnesota.  In recent years, he has worked with sophisticated electronic instrumentation that measures productivity, stress, and job satisfaction of executives and managers on the job, and studied the linkages between these variables and such factors as health status and successful behavioral change.

Tor has been a keynote speaker or presenter at a number of national meetings of the American Hospital Association, the Society for the Advancement of Management, the World Confederation of Productivity Science, the Operations Research Society of America, the American Economics Association, the American Public Health Association, the National Science Foundation, the American Heart Association, and others.

He is a founder of “Ski for Light”, the Vinland National Center, the Extensor Corporation, the Norwegian American Cultural Institute, and his own consulting firm—Tor Dahl & Associates.  In 2008, he was recognized by King Harald of Norway for his work in economics and productivity and also for his contributions to furthering Norwegian-American relations, having been dubbed knight and officer of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit.