TDA celebrated its 40th year in business in 2016.  

But our history runs longer. Our roots are in the field of economics, particularly Production Function theory, but they extend to the other social sciences.  The work our founder, Tor Dahl, did as research director for a think tank involved with the improvement of childrens’ health in slums across the country while simultaneously reducing costs, drew upon a multidisciplinary approach and the analysis of large collections of data to assess and direct activity and investment to where it would add the most value.


The foundations of our consultancy were developed by The Extensor Group which preceded us.  Extensor did its pioneering work in productivity and performance improvement during the early 1970s using cutting edge electronic instrumentation that measured people’s self-reported productivity against more than 300 variables.  Years of research, millions of years of performance histories and 5 Ph.D. dissertations led to the identification of the 30 variables that affect human performance.  In a 1974 conversation, Peter Drucker told Tor Dahl, “The invention of the Extensor unit is to the field of management what the invention of the telescope is to the field of astronomy.”


Building on Extensor, Tor Dahl & Associates (TDA) was launched in 1976, developing an interview process to tease out these variables, which shortened the amount of time required to identify the factors that affected a given individual or organization.  In the late 80s, TDA also introduced its proprietary textual analysis program to more quickly and uniformly evaluate the content provided in the interviews.


In the early 1990s, we expanded into Europe with the founding of Bjelland, Dahl & Partners in Oslo, Norway, which later became known as The Performance Group (TPG), ending our interest in and licensure of the group by the late 90s, although still working globally —Sweden, England, Norway, South Africa, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Russia, Canada — and the United States, where we are headquartered.  In our 40-plus years, we have completed more than 400 projects in over 40 countries.


Advancements in technology paved the way for improvements in how TDA delivers results, allowing for quick turnaround on-site for organization-wide assessments.  Currently, we have more than a million years of performance history informing our data-driven discoveries in motivation and behavioral change.  We continue to explore new means of delivery and expertise to help our clients meet their performance goals.


Over the years, TDA has added more proprietary assessment tools, developed to measure and guide development in areas of leadership and management on the individual and organizational levels, that affect and improve productivity. And we have trained and certified nearly 200 people in various parts of our process to better deliver them.


The results have been outstanding.