About Us

Tor Dahl & Associates is a pioneer in the field of productivity and performance improvement. The company was founded in 1974 by Tor Dahl, a world leader in the field of productivity. Since then, we have researched, developed and applied a unique productivity methodology that creates major improvements in performance. 

We offer a strong alternative for companies that are serious about meeting business objectives without resorting to debilitating cost-cutting initiatives and staff layoffs. 

Our methodology has been applied successfully in hundreds of large and small companies across North America, Europe and Asia. Clients include schools, hospitals, insurance companies, manufacturing facilities, and a variety of other organizations, both public and private. 

The process works in any type of business because it is rooted in fundamental principles of human performance. 

We are passionate about giving our clients personalized service and tailor-made projects that focus on their financial and non-financial well-being. 

We are incorporating the latest research in productivity, performance management and organizational development theories in our projects, and we are using state-of-the art technology and systems to provide cost-effective and high quality services.

Our underlying principles of productivity have also been embraced by the World Confederation of Productivity Science (WCPS) where Professor Tor Dahl is the Chairman Emeritus.